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Action of adsorption decomposition
Repeat, not just once!
Titaniam Dioxide Coated with Apatite
Photocatalyst works not only as deodorizing or disinfecting product, but also got bright performance in other applications.

Photocatalyst master badge
All kinds of master badge with Photocatalyst concentration ranges from 10% to 20%.
Sewage purification Food preservation Ensure healthy growth
Photocatalytic solution for business use
Photocatalytic solution for business Sterilizing solution that could handle Ammonia, rotten or other complicated situation.use
Odors gone with the light!
Deodorization and anti-bacterial spray for your family and your pet.
Soil amelioration
An aggregation of more than 80 kinds of anti-oxidant effective microorganisms.
We aim to improve global environment through NANOBEST Photocatalyst.

Titanium dioxide coated with apatite【visible light type】Photocatalyst

Safe and secured deodorization & disinfection systemConcept

Photocatalyst adsorbs light to bring it to higher energy level and provides such energy to a reacting substance to make a chemical reaction occur, which could be used to decompose thin contents in the air and the water.
It could decompose and convert all kinds of organic chemicals, odor, bacteria, mold and even grease stain when applied under illumination.

Our products and technology

  MEK series had registered under FDA
 Registration Number:14401403892

Original brandTitaniam Dioxide Coated with Apatite

 Photocatalytic 3D high performance mask / Photocatalytic insoles      
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi(Thailand)working with us

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30 seconds every day to keep your tooth white and shine easily without going to the dentist.


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